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Jony Ive leaves Apple after 27 years and starts his own business

Apple leader Sir Jonathan Paul Jony Ive left Apple after 27 years. Ive, known for his iconic product design, starts his own company called LoveFrom.

Apple’s current Chief Design Officer began his career at Apple in 1992 and led a design team that created an army of iconic consumer electronics devices, including the iPhone, iPod and several Mac models. Ive also made a name for himself with the design of the PowerBook, which was produced by Apple between 1991 and 2006. At the time, Ive was still working for London-based design agency Tangerine.


His new project, LoveFrom, is said to have been inspired by Apple’s co-founder and CEO, the late Steve Jobs. “There was an employee meeting a few years ago and Steve was talking. He said that one of the fundamental motivations was that when you do something with love and care, even though you will probably never meet the people you make it for, that way you express your gratitude to mankind, he says in an interview with Financial Times.

Despite his departure, Ive said that he would “remain involved with Apple for many years to come”. He sees this moment as a natural moment to make this change. An ongoing collaboration that is also confirmed by Apple itself: Jony is a unique figure in the world of design and his role in Apple’s revival cannot be overestimated. From the groundbreaking 1998 iMac to the iPhone and the unprecedented ambition of Apple Park, where he recently devoted his energy and care, said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO.

Apple Collaboration

“Apple will continue to take advantage of Jony’s talents by working directly with him on exclusive projects. In addition to the progress of the productions built by his brilliant, passionate design team. After so many years of working closely together, I am happy that our relationship continues to evolve. I look forward to working with Jony for a long time to come. ”

Apple announces that vice president of industrial design Evans Hankey and vice president of human interface design Alan Dye are jointly taking over the leadership of Ive, who will leave the company by the end of 2019.

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