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Microsoft keeps moving the roadmap of its Surface Hub 2 forward in time. Where there was still a Surface Hub 2X on the program before this year, it now seems to have been deleted. Microsoft still proposes to release the 85 inch Surface Hub 2S in 2020 and a major software update for existing models.

Microsoft started delivering the 50 inch version of the Surface Hub 2S in June last year. For this year there were actually two new versions on the program, the larger version of the 2S, the 85 inch Surface Hub 2S. In addition, there would be a Surface Hub 2X with a number of new features, including screen rotation and support for multiple users who simultaneously (physically) work on the large screen.

No Surface Hub 2X

Now it has become clear from a leaked presentation for partners that the Surface Hub 2X has disappeared from the roadmap. It has been postponed or simply deleted, Microsoft still needs to clarify this.

Microsoft itself says it will focus on the launch of the 85 inch model of the Surface Hub 2S this year. In addition, there will be a major Windows operating system update in which the existing models will get new features and the necessary improvements based on customer feedback.

Among these new features are IT integration and new deployment and management capabilities. Whether the features promised with 2X will also be part of the Windows 10 OS update is not yet clear. Earlier, there was also a separate paid upgrade of certain features, Microsoft may still choose to do so.