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‘iPhone 12 is inspired by iPad Pro design’

‘iPhone 12 is inspired by iPad Pro design’

The development of the new iPhone 12 is at an advanced stage, according to internal documents held by Bloomberg. The report states that there are four new models on the way, of which the two high-end models will have a design similar to that of the recently announced iPad Pro.

The two high-end devices are to succeed the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. The design is described as devices with a stainless steel rim, with rounded corners like the iPad Pro. The devices will also have the advanced camera included in the most recent iPad Pro, with which 3D LiDAR scans are possible.

In addition to the two high-end models, Apple is also working on two mid-range devices. These devices may have a slightly different design and do not have the advanced camera system. However, all four new models will have a new chip. Although the documents do not mention which processor this will be.

Due to the corona crisis it is possible that Apple will release the iPhone 12 later than usual. Normally, the tech giant will launch new smartphones in September. For the time being, suppliers have not yet reported any delays.