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Poly announces dedicated monitor for video conferencing

Poly announces dedicated monitor for video conferencing

Poly has announced the Studio P21 Personal Meeting Display. The monitor is specifically designed to be great at video conferencing. The company is also releasing two new webcams.

The two new webcams are the Poly Studio P5 and P15. The first is a normal webcam with a 1080p sensor and the possibility of 4x digital zoom. It also features a privacy shutter and a built-in USB port for connecting a headset, for example. This saves a free USB port on the computer. Connecting a headset is not necessary, as there is a directional microphone built into the camera.

The Poly Studio P15 Personal Video Bar is the successor to the Polycom Studio, which Techzine published a review about in 2019. It is a 4K camera with that can automatically zoom in on a user. Also, the microphone is capable of blocking sound from outside a specific area. There are also speakers and a USB hub built into the P15.

Poly’s first monitor

Poly has also announced its first monitor. During the announcement, Poly described the Studio P21 as a monitor with a built-in Studio P15. This is a 21″ screen with all the functionality of the Studio P15, with extra lighting on the side to illuminate the user for a better picture on the webcam. There are also a few buttons to open a video call application, for example, or to mute the microphone. The monitor can be connected to a computer with a single USB-C cable and works with both Windows and macOS. There is also a wireless charger built into the stand.

Poly has released hardly any details about the panel used, other than the size of 21 inches and that the company uses an ‘enterprise grade’ panel. Presumably, it will be a panel with 1080p resolution. The company explains that the relatively small size was chosen to prevent the camera from being too high in relation to the user.

Prices and availability

The settings of all the announced devices can be adjusted with the Poly Lens Desktop App and can be insured with Poly+, Poly’s support service. The three devices will be available from April 2021. The US suggested retail prices are 133.95, 618.95 and 841.95 euros for the Poly Studio P5, P15 and P21 respectively.

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