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Chinese smartphone manufacturer OPPO has set a goal to become one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in Europe in the coming years. The company has shared a vision of how it wants to achieve this.

In a press release, the phone manufacturer boasts how it has expanded into 4 new markets in the past year, with a total of 12 countries in Western Europe in which it sells its devices. The company claims that its sales in the market more than have doubled during 2020, despite the corona pandemic. The company does not share absolute numbers, so how impressive this growth actually is, remains in the dark.

Extremely proud

Maggie Xue, President of OPPO Western Europe, said, “Although the past year has been incredibly challenging for many, we have all realised how important technology is to staying connected. OPPO’s unprecedented growth in Europe in 2020 demonstrates that we deliver world-class products that go beyond meeting our customers’ basic needs. This makes us extremely proud. We have set an ambitious goal for the coming years to become one of the top manufacturers in Europe, and we are confident that we will achieve this. It is this same ambition that drives true innovation, progress and the values of our company.”

Extending success to Europe

Globally, OPPO is among the five largest smartphone manufacturers, but it owes this market share mainly to its sales in Asia. Subsidiary OnePlus is making inroads, however, and OPPO seems intent on increasingly integrating the two brands. The company operates in 40 regions, 12 of which are in Western Europe. Four of these were new in 2020: Portugal, Belgium, Ireland and Germany.

Collaboration with well-known brands

To grow even further in the coming years, the company is focusing on cooperating with existing well-known brands. OPPO mentions names like Roland-Garros, Rolex Paris Masters, FC Barcelona and Lamborghini. Such collaborations with companies that have nothing to do with smartphones are not new. Subsidiary OnePlus has already made a phone with McLaren logos and colour themes.

New devices

OPPO says it is focusing on making 5G more available to consumers. It cites plans to continue delivering ‘leading technologies for mid-range and flagship devices’. Next week, the company will unveil its latest smartphone: the Find X3. This unveiling will occur on Thursday, March 11, at 12:30 pm on OPPO’s YouTube channel.

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