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The new laptop aims to support users throughout their “do-from-anywhere” day.

This week Dell launched their new Latitude 7320 Detachable laptop. The new unit is Dell’s latest contribution to the wave of post-COVID innovation. The virus emergency has created a boom in remote working, and the Latitude 7320 aims to meet that demand.

Meghana Patwardhan, Vice President, Dell Latitude and Mobility Products, detailed the new product in a blog post on April 27. “What began as ‘work-from-home’ has evolved, for the moment, to ‘work-from-anywhere,'” she begins.

Living in a “do from anywhere” world

“What’s most exciting about this evolution is that it goes beyond the idea of ‘work’,” Patwardhan says. “We are living in a ‘do-from-anywhere’ world,” she adds. This world is one where we’re not pinned down to any one location for any one activity, she says. Rather, it is a world where “collaboration or connection happens in many forms and from anywhere.”

“We’ve designed our Latitude PCs for this new world,” she claims. “And while there is so much to consider, we’re doubling down on our investments in connectivity, collaboration, sustainability, and security initiatives to enable different use cases.”

Dell designed the new Latitude for mobile professionals that want a thin and light device, she says. Examples of their target market include executives, real estate agents, business consultants and sales reps. For them, the new Latitude 7320 Detachable is sleek, lightweight and ready to support their “do-from-anywhere” day.

Dell’s engineering team did groundbreaking work to design this device, Patwardhan states. This ensured that the new Latitude was thin and light and cool to the touch, while also delivering advanced features. Such features include AI, low blue light tech and more.

She closes by asking the reader to look at analyze their latest tech purchase. That purchase should offer a new feature that helps them accomplish more from wherever they are. “After all,” she says, “that’s what tech should be about.”