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Dell may equip future XPS 16 laptops with AMD processors. This would be the first time since 2009 that Dell uses AMD for a variant in this laptop series. The company details these and other plans for XPS laptops the coming three years in a leaked roadmap that ended up online.

The leaked road map for the Dell XPS laptop series reveals that in 2027 the Dell XPS 16 may get an AMD processor. The codename for this variant is ‘Performante’. This would be the first time since 2009, when the tech giant equipped the budget Dell XPS 625 with an AMD Phenom II processor. Intel and Qualcomm are still contenders for providing their chips for future XPS 16 laptops, so it is not yet a done deal.

Een roadmap-tijdlijn voor de Dell XPS-laptopserie van 2013 tot 2023, met verschillende modellen en releasefases gemarkeerd in verschillende kleuren op een witte achtergrond.

It is as of yet unknown which specific AMD processor Dell would use. It would probably concern a processor still in the chip manufacturer’s secret roadmap. Mentions include the AMD Zen 6 processor, which is likely to be available by then.

Other processor architectures

The proposed Intel processor for the XPS 16 is based on the previously leaked Nova Lake architecture. Qualcomm would offer the second and third generation of its Snapdragon X for the Dell XPS 16 Performance.

In addition to the plans for the Dell XPS 16, a roadmap was also leaked for the XPS 13 Plus, which will run based on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X processors.

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