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An AI PC revolution: Dell and Intel see it, AMD not yet

An AI PC revolution: Dell and Intel see it, AMD not yet

AMD seems to be the only one not convinced of a dramatic increase in the number of desktops sold due to the advent of AI. According to the chip manufacturer, AI-on-the-desktop will not be a reality soon. Major competitor Intel and PC builder Dell think otherwise.

At the Innovation Conference, Pat Gelsinger, CEO of Intel, mainly mentioned the word AI. The chip manufacturer will invest plenty in this technology soon because it is relevant to prepare desktops for AI, according to the CEO. Every user will soon want to run LLMs and ML technologies on desktops, Gelsinger said. That includes private users.

In general, he summarizes his idea as the ‘AI PC generation’. The ideas are very much in line with Dell Technologies, which we discussed earlier. Analysts at the International Data Corporation (IDC) also agree. There, it is expected that PC sales will rise again starting in 2024 and that PCs responsive to AI will be in high demand.

AMD: ‘One AI accelerator is currently sufficient’

The IDC believes that companies want to get ready for these technologies and prefer to wait until devices supporting AI are available. Justin Galton, the director of global business development at AMD, sees it differently. “I don’t think small to mid-sized businesses will be positive about AI,” he states in an interview with The Register. He said many buyers will still want to purchase the Ryzen 5000 and 6000 models.

AMD currently has an AI accelerator present in one CPU. Galton does indicate that several chips will arrive next year that support AI from AMD. He, however, does not believe that the market is currently favourable to plan everything around AI. The chip already available would be enough to bring Microsoft’s plans around the AI assistant Copilot to fruition. This is a critical look at Microsoft’s AI plans, which Dell’s COO previously praised to the skies.

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In turn, Gelsinger sees challenges for the ‘AI PC generation’ in the app market. According to the Intel CEO, more apps with an AI element are needed.