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Dell COO predicts PC revolution in which users deploy multiple AI copilots

Dell COO predicts PC revolution in which users deploy multiple AI copilots

Artificial intelligence (AI) will bring a breakthrough to the PC market. This predicts Jeff Clarke, COO of Dell Technologies.

Jeff Clarke, COO and Vice President of Dell Technologies, predicts that generative AI will boost enterprise productivity by 15 to 20 percent. In doing so, the technology would bring about the same improvement as the introduction of the personal computer.

He sees currently mainly Microsoft is exploiting the potential: “If we look at what Microsoft’s plans are with AI and future versions of Windows, it is playing right into the trends. It will make workers more productive. And as we have seen each time with previous versions of Windows, it has created a significant innovation cycle. We think this is the opportunity here.”

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Clarke spoke about AI’s potential for the PC market during the investor panel on AI in July. IDC forecasts published in August chart the same path for the PC market. Analysts predict the market will grow again starting in 2024 due to the end of Windows 10, which is the same as the innovation cycle Clarke spoke of. Analysts also do not deny AI’s potential for sales, but they do encourage PC builders to capitalize on the new technology more quickly.

Multiple AI copilots

John Roese, CTO of Dell, explained on the same panel that PC makers should take into account an increasing demand for high-performance devices. “The combination tells us we need richer user experiences, spatial representation and just more depth to present that kind of data. We will need both direct processing and co-pilot processing as the number of AI systems you deploy for yourself increases.”

This means upcoming devices will include workstations developed to perform complex AI tasks. In the future, neural processing units (NPUs) will be present. Of course, this panel discussion already tells which way PC builder Dell will grow.