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Google launches new Chromebook repair program for education customers

Google launches new Chromebook repair program for education customers

The education sector is a huge customer base for Google, and they want to keep it that way.

Google has launched a new repair program for their customers in the education sector. The aim of the program is to help admins identify which Chromebooks can be repaired.

Google claims that currently 50 million students and teachers are using Chromebook from its partners. To support the admins who support these users, Google has launched the Chromebook repair program. The program is starting in the U.S. and targets IT admins who can fix devices and components as the need arises. Acer and Lenovo devices are currently covered.

Selling the program as “eco-friendly”

John Solomon VP, Chrome OS, announced the new repair program in a blog post. Solomon’s pitch about the new repair program is that it is eco-friendly. “Did you know that using a Chromebook can help reduce your carbon footprint?” he starts. “Chrome OS devices made by our manufacturing partners consume up to 46% less energy than comparable devices,” he adds.

“And we’ve worked with these same partners to make Chromebook components interchangeable, reusable and safely disposable.”

One of the first hurdles in the program is helping admins identify which products are repairable. Many Chromebooks have been repairable for years. System warranties already cover some repairs by Google service providers. “But it’s been challenging for school IT administrators to find information about which devices they can repair,” Solomon admits.

To solve that problem, Google has launched a new website to help schools identify which Chromebooks have commonly repaired components. Schools can easily repair things like the keyboard, display and palmrest, according to Google. Online manufacturer guides will also show how to repair the devices, find tools to safely fix them, get replacement parts, find training and get system update access if needed.

Google’s new education repair program follows US president Joe Biden touting new federal right to repair legislation. Biden commended Apple and Microsoft for helping make some device repairs easier for end-users and third party repair shops.