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VESA introduced a certification for displays with a variable refresh rate (VRR). The organization is known for DisplayPort and DisplayHDR, two widely used display standards.

Traditional displays have a static refresh rate, which causes visual glitches when used with unintended devices. A VRR display is able to adjust its refresh rate to suit a connected device.

In 2014, VESA introduced ‘Adaptive-Sync’, a standard for VRR displays. The standard allows display manufacturers to produce VRR displays with support for all major GPU brands. Adaptive-Sync is used by several manufacturers, but the quality of products varies. In 2019, Nvidia tested how Adaptive-Sync displays performed in combination with Nvidia GPUs. Only 6 percent of the models met expectations.

To improve quality across the board, VESA introduced the ‘Certified AdaptiveSync Display’ logo, a new seal of approval for displays using the standard. You’ll soon find the logo on the VRR models of well-known brands. They can have their models tested by VESA on request. The organization uses more than 50 test criteria to determine the performance of a VRR display. Displays that meet the criteria receive the logo.

Certified AdaptiveSync Display

The test criteria were developed in collaboration with the most influential GPU and display manufacturers. “The programme is open and industry-wide”, said Roland Wooster, Intel representative and chairman of the VESA Display Performance Metrics Task Group. “It provides customers with a guarantee that the display they’re buying will meet a clearly defined minimum set of front-of-screen performance criteria when used with a suitable GPU.”

“In designing the test specification and logo program, VESA explicitly set a high bar on performance criteria and testing methodology with tighter criteria than many existing specs and logo programs. As with all of our standards, VESA will continue to develop and refine the Adaptive-Sync Display CTS to address new display developments.”

Seok Ho Jang, VP IT Development Division at LG Electronics, reveals that LG is working on several certified displays. “The LG UltraGear 27GP950 and 27GP850 models will be the first-ever monitors to receive the certification. LG also has new 2022 models on the way, which we believe will meet the high standards demanded by VESA’s performance tests.”

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