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ZTE announces the W600D, its first cloud-based laptop

ZTE announces the W600D, its first cloud-based laptop

ZTE, a Chinese telecom equipment manufacturer, announced its first-ever cloud-based laptop, the W600D.

ZTE shared the news at the annual Cloud Network ECO Summit. The cloud-based laptop will feature powerful performance, a low carbon footprint, security and reliability, and maximized portability. The laptop allows users to allocate cloud resources for flexible management of GPU, CPU and memory. According to ZTE, the laptop will support CPU’s with up to 64 cores and 256GB memory.

The laptop can be activated by employees by scanning a dedicated code, which allows administrators to quickly onboard new users. According to ZTE, the laptop is suitable for homes as well, using an embedded AI system to track a family’s preferences.

The features of the W600D

The W600D has a matt silver casing and a net weight of approximately 2.95 kg. Aside from that, the W600D also comes with a 14-inch display, a full-sized keyboard, and an HD cam.

In addition to the W600D, ZTE also launched a more compact version named W100D. Performance and size were trimmed down. The W100D offers built-in bluetooth and wifi for simple connectivity. The W100D also supports HDMI through a USB-C port.