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The latest Oppo smartphones are just around the corner. The Reno 8 series will be available in Europe from August 31 onwards. The smartphone’s cameras are much more powerful than previous models.

Oppo designs Reno smartphones for photography and videography. Camera quality is key. The company recently announced that the latest models will be available in Europe from August 31.

The series consists of six new phones: the Reno 8, Reno 8 Pro, Reno 8 Pro+, Reno 8 Lite, Reno 8 Z and Reno 8 4G. Oppo confirmed that the Reno 8 Pro is coming to Europe, though the availability of the other models is unknown.

The Reno 8 Pro includes the MariSilicon X, a Neural Processing Unit (NPU) for low-light image processing. According to Oppo, the smartphone is capable of bright photography in adverse lighting conditions.

Oppo Reno 8 Pro

The smartphone is already available outside of Europe. The Reno 8 series was first launched in China on May 23. The Reno 8, Reno 8 Pro, and Reno 8 Pro+ have been available since then.

India followed suit on July 18. Here, Oppo launched the Reno 8 and Reno 8 Pro. The Indian version of the Reno 8 Pro has the same specifications as the Chinese version of the Reno 8 Pro+. Therefore, it isn’t inconceivable that Europe will receive a modified version as well.

The European retail price of the Reno 8 Pro is currently unknown. We expect the amount to match the prices in India and China. The cheapest version costs the equivalent of €565.

Launch in Paris

Oppo will combine the August 31 European launch with a physical event at the Louvre Museum in Paris. The stream of the event can be viewed on Oppo’s YouTube channel starting at 14:30 (Amsterdam time).

In addition to the Reno 8 Pro, Oppo is launching a range of IoT products, including the Pad Air. The Pad Air is the first tablet in Oppo’s offering. The other IoT products are unknown.

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