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Microsoft launches Surface Pro 9, Surface Laptop 5 and Studio 2+

Microsoft launches Surface Pro 9, Surface Laptop 5 and Studio 2+

Microsoft unveiled the next generation of Surface devices. The Surface Pro 9, Surface Laptop 5 and Surface Studio 2+ provide 50 to 80 percent more performance than their predecessors.

Microsoft launched the first Surface device nearly a decade ago. The model sold poorly. The tech giant cut the price by 30 percent and lost hundreds of millions as a result.

For most organizations, that’s where the story would end. For Microsoft, the flop was just the beginning. Over the past decade, the tech giant launched nearly 40 Surface models. In 2021, the product line generated more than $300 million in revenue.

The series has come a long way since the first device. The debut was slammed for its low performance and limited application support. Microsoft never forgot the critics. Performance is central to the next generation of Surface devices.

Microsoft unveiled the models at its Ignite conference. The Surface Pro 9, Surface Laptop 5 and Surface Studio 2+ will become available over the next few weeks.

Surface Pro 9

The Surface Pro series consists of 2-in-1 models. Flexible hinges and touchscreens allow the devices to be used as tablets. The normal setup functions like a laptop.

The new Surface Pro 9 will be available from November 8 starting at €1,300. The predecessor exclusively came with Intel processors. The new model offers a choice among Intel and SQ3 configurations. The SQ3 processor was designed by Microsoft.

The Intel configuration has higher performance, but the SQ3 configuration is more energy efficient. The processor supports 5G and a range of videoconferencing features, including auto framing and noise reduction. The SQ3 is up to 80 percent faster than its predecessor, the SQ2.


Surface Laptop 5

The Surface Laptop series consists of traditional laptops. Performance matches Surface Pro models while the price is generally lower. The devices are a favourite among organizations that place little or no value on touchscreens.

The new Surface Laptop 5 will be available from October 25 starting at €1,180. The model runs on a 12th Gen Intel Core processor. The Surface Laptop 5 is 50 percent more powerful than its predecessor.

Aside from the new processor, the model is similar to the Surface Laptop 4. Like earlier models, Microsoft opted for a screen ratio of 3:2, giving the device 18 percent more vertical screen space than a typical laptop (16:10 or 16:9). The space comes in handy when reading documents and writing code.


Surface Studio 2+

The Surface Studio series consists of all-in-one PCs. The models feature high-performance components, large displays and impressive designs. Surface Studio devices are the most powerful and expensive PCs in Microsoft’s lineup.

The new Surface Studio 2+ will be available from November 1 starting at €5,370. The 11th Gen Intel Core processor of its predecessor gives way to a 12th Gen variant. As a result, processor performance increases by 50 percent.

Powerful GPUs are key to the Surface Studio series. The upcoming model includes an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060. As a result, the Surface Studio 2+ provides twice as much graphics performance as its predecessor.


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