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Progress updates Telerik and Kendo UI

Progress updates Telerik and Kendo UI

Progress launched the R1 2023 releases of Telerik and Kendo UI for .NET and JavaScript libraries. The updates should help developers build digital experiences on multiple platforms more efficiently.

Progress said the new releases bring functionality for advanced customization and application access in all Telerik and Kendo UI libraries. This should help build interfaces that better meet end-user needs.

The company previously introduced Progress ThemeBuilder Pro for this purpose. The release simplifies the implementation of design functionality in UI components.

Progress Telerik

The R1 2023 release expands Progress Telerik with the Progress Telerik UI for Blazor tool. The functionality adds new UI components as well as a Data Grid compact mode and adaptive rendering features in the date and ‘select type’ components.

Furthermore, Progress Telerik UI for .NET MAUI gained UI components such as Toolbar, ImageEditor, ProgressBar, Accordion and SignaturePad. The Telerik UI for WinForms received a new Windows 11 theme.

In addition, the release adds .NET 7 support for all relevant Progress Telerik UI libraries and tools. The update also offers improved ‘attributes’ and keyboard navigation, helping the solutions meet compliance standards such as WAI-ARIA, Section 508 and WCAG 2.1.

Progress Kendo UI

As for Kendo UI, Progress included new components, features and Data Grid enhancements. The enhancements apply to several underlying solutions and tools, including Progress Kendo UI for Angular, Progress KendoReact, Progress Kendo UI for Vue and Progress Kendo UI for jQuery.

Furthermore, the release adds support support for Angular 15 to better the development experience and application performance. This includes access improvements, updated keyboard navigation features and a new ‘colour swatch’.

Progress Software pointed out that the most significant update to Progress KendoReact is the arrival of a PDFViewer, allowing developers to read PDF files directly from the browser instead of downloading them first. The PDFviewer includes print and save functionality, a built-in toolbar and configuration options.

Both R1 2023 releases are available immediately.

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