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Progress recently launched the Corticon.js tool. With this serverless engine, developers can easily add, test and implement certain rules to JavaScript applications without the use of code. 

The internal serverless rules engine Corticon.js should help JavaScript applications to make automated and serverless business rules or decisions. There is no need to wait for when a server, with whom these applications are connected, has processed certain data. 

Corticon.js helps web, mobile and IoT applications to make faster decisions without having to contact an external server environment. The tool enables developers to ’embed’ the decision models in the applications by default. 

Better decisions and more savings 

According to Progress, these ingrained decision models should ultimately lead to better decisions, which can be taken earlier in the process. This, in turn, will ultimately lead to a reduction in operational costs. Customers can reduce overhead costs by maintaining an ‘always-on’ physical or virtual infrastructure. For example, servers, VM’s or containers. 


In addition to making better decisions and saving costs, Corticon.js provides several additional benefits. Making decision rules in the tool requires no previous knowledge of coding. The decision rules can, therefore, be written without code. 

Other benefits 

The tool also offers a structured approach to the documentation of business logic. This makes it possible to adapt rules while retaining knowledge. In addition, decision services can be deployed as callable web services or embedded directly into applications. The interdependencies of the data and programming code of other systems no longer matter with this tool. 

Progress Corticon.js is now directly available. 

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