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GitLab has unveiled GitLab 16. The new release ushers in an array of cutting-edge DevSecOps platform-wide capabilities, accompanied by a host of features that GitLab plans to release throughout the year. Users can expect an enterprise-grade, AI-powered DevSecOps platform with features tailored to expedite code development while ensuring its utmost quality.

Enriching the experience, users can now avail themselves of security testing and analysis, observability, and proactive vulnerability detection. These are indispensable tools for optimizing their coding endeavors.

New AI-powered functionalities include Suggested Reviewers, a feature that graciously guides users towards potential code reviewers, Explain This Code and Explain This Vulnerability, both serving as invaluable aids in comprehending and addressing intricate code-related queries, as well as Refactor This Code and Resolve This Vulnerability, designed to further streamline the coding process.

Enhancing automation

GitLab 16 takes automation to new heights by facilitating seamless software delivery and securing end-to-end software supply chains for users. Enterprises are empowered to initiate, expand, and safeguard their software supply chains, gaining enhanced visibility into potential threats.

Establishing policies to ensure compliance standards and accelerate secure software delivery is significantly more attainable.

Notably, GitLab Dedicated—a single-tenant SaaS solution—has been slated for release in the upcoming summer. This offering caters to organizations operating in regulated domains, emphasizing data residency, isolation, and private networking as its primary objectives.

Impactful improvements

“Developers face tremendous pressure to expedite software release cycles to keep pace with the market’s rapidity, often relegating security to an afterthought,” stated Mark Portofe, Director of Platform Engineering at CARFAX.

He added, “GitLab’s DevSecOps platform unequivocally demonstrates that security and efficiency need not be mutually exclusive. By seamlessly integrating security measures into development workflows, GitLab empowers us to expedite software delivery. With GitLab’s implementation, we have witnessed a remarkable 33% decrease in vulnerabilities in under a year, accompanied by a noteworthy 20% year-over-year increase in deployments.”

To learn more, check out what GitLab says on its official website.

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