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Recognize developer contributions with GitLab Achievements

Recognize developer contributions with GitLab Achievements

According to GitLab, the code developer should also be put in the spotlight for once. That’s why the platform is starting Achievements.

With GitLab Achievements, every Maintainer or Owner of a project can recognize a developer for his contribution. This benefits you as a developer by allowing you to create an overview of the various projects you’ve worked on.

In the announcement, the company emphasizes that developers have consistently been recognized. This was done through a hackathon scoreboard or SWAG, but the new feature now provides a central place where developers can display their achievements.


In practice, an icon appears on the GitLab user profile for each contribution awarded. Such figurines and images will probably be familiar to gamers. In fact, game developers often use them to reward gamers for their achievements in the game. Hovering your mouse over the icon in GitLab reveals a more detailed explanation.

This new layer can be motivating for developers, according to the company. ” It shows that their work is valued and recognized by their peers and supervisors. Awarding your users for obtaining a skill could lead to a more skilled workforce, which benefits both the employee and the organization,” write Nick Veenhof, director of contributor success at GitLab and Christina Lohr, senior product manager at GitLab, in an accompanying blog post.

The feature is currently available as a test version. Because of this, you will have to enable Achievements manually.