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Google head over heels in love with generative AI. AI support in Vertex AI will be generally available starting today.

Generative AI is the common thread in new features from tech companies this year. Google is making the technology available for pre-order in Workspace today. But it doesn’t stop there, because the tech giant is also making Vertex AI generally available today.

PaLM 2 and Codey

Vertex AI is a platform to build and deploy machine learning models and AI apps. The addition of generative AI is the platform’s biggest update to date as it makes several “foundation” models available on the platform. These models are currently available for text and photos; audio and video will be added later. To do this, the platform uses the PaLM 2 model, Google’s large language model.

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Furthermore, users can improve models in Vertex AI through the Generative AI Studio, a user-friendly environment which let you build with low-code. To tinker with fundamental models from Google and its partners, users need to be in Model Garden. From now on, the Codey model and PaLM 2 are added there. The former is a text-to-code model that supports developers in generating quality code.