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Focus on developer in latest DevSecOps functionality in Snyk

Focus on developer in latest DevSecOps functionality in Snyk

With the latest updates to its developer security platform, Snyk is giving developers more “developer-first” capabilities to make security an integral part of the application development process.

Startup Snyk offers a DevSecOps platform that allows developers to develop and manage the security of their applications from start to finish during the development process. Integrating the testing of these applications for security during each stage of the development process is on top.

ASPM and AI tooling

Recently released new features for the platform should further enhance this developer-first approach. One of these is the introduction of Application Security Posture Management (ASPM). This should further streamline application security posture management. The technology for this solution comes from recently acquired Enso Security.

In addition, Snyk has now integrated DeepCodeAI tooling into its platform. This solution deploys various AI models without compromising on security. Thus, to improve efficiency, the generative AI tool DeepCodeAI allows developers to propose secure code fixes directly from an integrated development environment.

Other introductions

For better supply chain security, Snyk now enables the generation of Software Bills of Materials (SBOMs). This should give security teams more transparency, making it easier for them to identify vulnerabilities in the application ecosystem. They can also create SBOMs in automated workflows and share them.

Last, but not least, Snyk is also announcing new capabilities within its training platform Snyk Learn. The enhancements now announced, according to the DevSecOps specialist, focus on providing a more structured and understandable way for cybersecurity education.

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