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AWS and the Kubecost Alliance are integrating the Kubecost tool even deeper with Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus (AMP).

The tool allows administrators to see costs and assign them to applications. From now on, they can better monitor and adjust the costs incurred by specific applications within the Kubernetes infrastructure.

Old situation

Kubecost and AWS have long allowed monitoring tool integration into an AMP instance. This gives users more insight into the costs of their Amazon EKS clusters. In the old situation, customers got deep insight into the cost of a single Amazon EKS cluster. In doing so, they did not have to worry about the maintenance work around scaling AMP for cost visibility.

However, for more complex Amazon EKS cluster environments, running in different regions or AWS accounts, for example, it was difficult to keep track of them all. Each cluster had to be monitored individually.

New integration

The arrival of the new integration should put an end to this cumbersome practice. The two companies have achieved this is through support for multi-clusters. Administrators can now connect multiple Amazon EKS clusters together within Kubecost on AMP in a single management environment, the Allocation dashboard. Another new feature between KubeCost and AMP is the use of other (managed) observability tools for AMP, such as Amazon Managed Grafana.

In addition, it is possible to connect Kubecost with AWS Cost and Usage Reports (CURs) and Cloud Costs tooling. Alert tools such as Alert Manager can now be linked as well.

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