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Mendix is introducing a range of AI and ML functionality with Mendix 10. The new release comes with a new ML Kit, new bots and generative AI.

The new features respond to market needs, according to Mendix. To integrate use cases for AI, Mendix has released a new ML-Kit. This allows developers to build solutions with custom AI models in applications. This can be done with AI frameworks, especially those based on the Open Neural Network Exchange (ONNX), and the programming language of their choice.

According to Mendix, the new ML Kit dramatically improves the performance of ML models in low-code applications. It also shortens time-consuming and manual work for AI implementations. Overall, it also ensures that the performance of applications with AI improves significantly.

New Mendix Assist bots

In addition, Mendix 10 comes with new Assist bots, including the Mendix Assist Best Practice bot. This bot is a virtual AI-based “co-developer” that inspects applications in real time and adds best practices for software development with Mendix.

The new Data Validation bot helps developers build validation logic in an automated way with pre-developed expressions. This should help developers more easily build solutions with AI support while ensuring a very high level of quality.

Generative AI

Finally, Mendix is introducing generative AI with Mendix Chat. This chatbot in the Mendix IDE helps developers apply certain concepts or patterns. The next step is to roll out generative AI in Mendix DSLs.

More information about the new functionality in Mendix 10 will be announced next week.

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