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Istio receives top status from Cloud Native Computing Foundation

Istio receives top status from Cloud Native Computing Foundation

Istio service mesh has achieved the same “mature” status as Kubernetes, Prometheus, Envoy and other cloud-native technologies.

This was announced by its governing body, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. The CNCF has awarded the maximum attainable Maturity level to Istio. With this status, Istio service mesh now gets the same attention from the CNCF that it already gives to the other cloud-native technologies.

Reason rapid adoption

According to experts, the rapid acceptance of the technology is because it was well advanced before it was turned over to the CNCF by Google.

Plenty of developers, including all major network and cloud providers, are expanding and keeping up with the technology. In addition, more and more organizations are offering the cloud-native technology. In addition, the team behind Istio has also contributed significantly to developing other technology, such as a traffic management model used in the Kubernetes Gateway API.

Open-source service mesh

Istio is a cloud-native open-source service mesh that provides a unified and efficient way to secure, connect and monitor services in cloud-based applications. To do this, the technology provides zero-trust networking, policy enforcement, traffic management, load balancing and monitoring functionality, among others. This does not require rewriting applications.

The service was originally developed by Google and IBM. Istio service mesh is built on Lyft’s Envoy project.

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