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Visual Studio Code update brings back support for Unity

Visual Studio Code update brings back support for Unity

The latest 1.81 update to Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code (VSC) development tool brings back support for Unity’s game engine. In addition, they add a number of other new features.

In version 1.81, Unity support – or actually, an extension – for VSC has been re-added. This means that in addition to Visual Studio, the main editor for scripting C# for the Unity game engine, developers can now use this development tool again. As it happens, VSC has become the main code editor for developers.

Support for Unity was present until June 2022, but only through an experimental extension. This was discontinued because it had received hardly any updates and therefore would provide an unstable code experience.

C# Dev Kit

The now returned support for Unity in VSC 1.81 is provided by new features in the C# Dev Kit. Experts say this would be easier than modifying the existing Unity support for Visual Studio for VSC. A catch with the renewed Unity support, however, is that business use requires a paid license.

Other features

In addition to the arrival of support for Unity, the 1.81 release of VSC also offers other new functionalities. These include enhanced access capabilities, an improved diff editor, smaller JavaScript bundles, access to Jupyter servers in GitHub Codespaces and GitHub pull request creation. In addition, GitHub Copilot UX has been added in preview.

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