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Microsoft has released a new preview of Visual Studio 17.7. This version includes an improved Extension Manager and HTTP Editor.

In Preview 3, the outdated user interface for discovering and evaluating extensions in Visual Studio has been improved considerably, Microsoft indicates. Where developers previously had to click on a Web link for more details about exactly what a particular extension does, this is now made easier.

New Extension Manager functionality

Developers can now instantly see more information about extensions in Visual Studio 17.7 without having to open a browser. This should make it easier for extension providers to display all the information they need, including images or video clips.

For some functionality, such as user experiences, developers still have to use the “View in Browser” button. Unfortunately, this would still not make the latest version of Visual Studio equivalent to the functionality of Microsoft’s other code tool, Visual Studio Code (VSC).

Revamped HTTP Editor

In addition to the revamped Extension Manager, Visual Studio 17.7 also has an (ASP.NET Core) update to the HTTP Editor. This editor is used for testing HTTP APIs. Developers can use it to send Web requests and see the results.

The tool should do the same thing as the VSC REST Client extension, but with less functionality. For example, certificate-based authentication is missing.

The update to the HTTP Editor now offers a new Response View with JSON highlighting added. Among other things, this allows developers to view raw responses. Again, this feature is said to be less than the aforementioned VSC REST Client extension.

The general release of Visual Studio 17.7 is likely to be released in August. Successor 17.8 would possibly be on the roll for November this year.

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