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Open-source software company SUSE privatises again

Open-source software company SUSE privatises again

SUSE would like to remove itself from the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. To make the move, the company offers sixteen euros per share.

After two years as a publicly traded company, SUSE announces that it will in all likelihood go private again. The open-source software company is currently listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

Merger with Luxembourg-based company

The privatization is being driven by the company’s largest shareholder, Marcel LUX III SARL. That has plans for SUSE to join forces with a Luxembourg-based company. No further details are given about the possible merger.

Shareholders can sell their shares for 16 euros per share. After two years the value of the shares dropped by fifty percent, since at listing, the shares were sold for 30 euros per share.

There is no obligation to resell the shares, according to the announcement. “There is no obligation for shareholders to accept the offer,” it continues “Therefore, shareholders who wish to invest in a private SUSE can remain.”

According to plans, SUSE will go private again in the last quarter of 2023.

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