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There are new updates to Flutter, the UI SDK for multi-platform apps and Dart, the underlying programming language. Google is mostly bringing improvements to Flutter with these updates, from APIs for foldables to graphical improvements.

Flutter 3.13 is the only stable release coming out this quarter. There are improvements to the new graphics renderer Impeller, including eliminating shader compilation issues. On iOS, these performance improvements have been applied based on feedback from Flutter users. Shader compilation can usually cause hiccups in applications, but is tucked away well enough in many graphics engines to not be noticeable to the end user. Impeller is not yet available with a Vulkan backend, although the team says it is working hard on that.

There is also a new set of Engine APIs intended for foldable phones. This allows developers to make sure an app looks as it should on, say, a Galaxy Z Fold or a Pixel Fold.

Dart 3.1: Wasm support on the long run

Dart is the language powering Flutter and has also received an update. Version 3.1 includes minor improvements, partly because the team says it is focusing on projects that take a little longer. Support for Wasm is a long-term goal, but is currently in preview. There is still limited browser support, whereas Wasm has the potential to improve this significantly. In the process, it may eventually be possible to say goodbye to HTML for Dart and Flutter users. However, DevClass points out that Adobe and Microsoft also had similar goals, which have not come true. It therefore remains to be seen whether people at Google can ensure that they no longer depend on HTML.

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