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Dart Frog 1.0 framework helps Flutter developers maximise Dart

Dart Frog 1.0 framework helps Flutter developers maximise Dart

Flutter consulting company Very Good Ventures (VGV) today released Dart Frog 1.0, an open-source backend framework for the Dart programming language.

Dart is best known as a language within Flutter, an open-source UI development kit developed by Google. Mobile apps are developed with this, which is mainly limited to the frontend. VGV’s initiative was created to make Flutter developers proficient with backend optimization in order to build better applications.

Dart is now one of the most popular development technologies on Stack Overflow and Red Monk, VGV reports.

Available since 2017, Flutter has become the most popular cross-platform framework for building mobile applications, in part because it is user-friendly and has a single codebase on it for different platforms.

Beyond experimental

Dart Frog had already been launched in experimental form last year, so now VGV is releasing version 1.0. CEO David DeRemer sees the framework as proof that his company is not just consulting.

To ease Dart’s learning curve for Flutter developers, Dart Frog includes capabilities to perform development tasks in ways similar to, say, a widget tree in Flutter.

Dart Frog is configurable for any cloud service, VGV promises. Through this homepage and GitHub, developers can get started with the new solution.

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