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Cloudflare has introduced the Hyperdrive service within its Workers development platform. It allows companies to create globally distributed versions of their regional databases, allowing data access from anywhere in the world.

Companies still often have their databases with a cloud provider in separate regions or their on-premises environments. Transferring these databases to new locations to provide access to more locations and get faster access is often a time-consuming and costly process. A process that can also cause downtime.

Cloudflare has now released Hyperdrive for this purpose. This service, built into the Cloudflare Workers distributed serverless application development platform, allows developers worldwide to access the data they need faster and more efficiently, no matter where it or the developers themselves are located.


With Hyperdrive, developers can build globally distributed applications on the Cloudflare Workers platform, without encountering problems with their company’s existing regionally deployed database infrastructure.

The solution automatically caches key search queries across the Cloudflare network, giving developers answers in a matter of milliseconds. So it looks like the database is close to the end user, while it may be in a completely different world region.

Een diagram dat het proces van een hypervisor en een hypervisor toont.

In addition to the technology provided by Hyperdrive within the Cloudflare Workers platform, a wide range of database environments are supported. These include databases hosted in AWS, Google Cloud, Neon and Timescale. Postgress-compatible databases such as CockroachDB and Materialize are also supported.

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