Cloudflare gives SASE tool Cloudflare One new monitoring features

Cloudflare gives SASE tool Cloudflare One new monitoring features

Cloudflare is providing the Cloudflare One SASE platform with an update. The Digital Experience Monitoring and Fleet Status features provide customers with greater insight into end-user connectivity and the network performance of individual connected devices.

The Digital Experience Monitoring (DEX) service aims to ensure that companies provide their remote workers with a consistent, reliable and highly secure Internet experience.

DEX closely monitors performance, reliability and speed. It gives administrators real-time insights for immediate action. This is possible with Synthetic Application Monitoring. This functionality facilitates scheduled HTTP GET request tests for monitoring key applications. These tests come from multiple points in the Cloudflare network to simulate real user experiences.

Other DEX features include monitoring response time from different locations, identifying trends, peak times and potential problems, transforming raw data into clear information for network optimization and visualizing HTTP status codes.

Fleet Status

The new Fleet Status functionality is a monitoring tool for real-time visibility into the status of all client devices. Among other things, the tool provides insight into connection patterns and locations.

The tool also provides a real-time snapshot of the status of a network and indicates anomalies. In addition, it provides data visualizations and detailed insights per connected device and time-series charts to transform raw data into actionable insights.

Both services are now available in beta to Cloudflare One customers.

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