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OpenText brings AI to Information Management Cloud with Aviator

OpenText brings AI to Information Management Cloud with Aviator

OpenText is introducing Aviator, which brings generative AI to the Information Management Cloud. It includes features for content, experiences, networking, IT operations, development operations and cybersecurity.

The Aviator LLM supports plain language search queries, conversational chat and automatic content generation. The generative AI functionality can be used by customers in various applications, as well as via OpenText APIs for, for example, AI orchestration and the creation of information workflows from different cloud environments and knowledge sources.

Aviator Operations, DevOps and Content solutions

The IT Operations Aviator solution can serve as an AI-based virtual agent for the OpenText Smax Service Management Automation platform. This combines LLMs with OpenText data security capabilities to facilitate self-service, faster problem resolution and improved efficiency for service management scenarios.

In addition, the DevOps Aviator tool applies generative AI functionality to optimize software delivery with faster predictions and improved coverage for testing. It does the latter by providing automatic creation and “authoring” of software tests.

Content Aviator helps customers generate content and customer communications through a chat interface and natural language search queries.

Other solutions that use the OpenText Aviator model are Experience Aviator for communication applications and Cybersecurity Aviator for detecting security threats.

Aviator IOT is a collection of intelligent tools to connect, protect and provide real-time visibility to IoT endpoints.

Furthermore, Aviator Thrust & Thrust Studio and Aviator Lab provide cloud-based API services and development tools to support secure information flow, proprietary AI developments, applications with built-in AI features and AI prototyping in sandbox environments.

Most Aviator AI features will soon be available in OpenText version 23.4. Some features will be available in version 24.1, which will be released in the first quarter of 2024.

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