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OpenAI wants to become cheaper for developers

OpenAI wants to become cheaper for developers

OpenAI would like more developers to use its AI models. To do so, the ChatGPT maker wants to make it easier and cheaper to use, Reuters writes.

According to Reuters, OpenAI hopes to spread the reach of its AI models to more companies. The AI player is therefore said to release major updates to its models and tooling soon. These include adding memory storage, a more “stateful” API, for its (generative) AI development tools and models.

In particular, the memory storage feature should bring down the cost of using OpenAI’s AI models significantly, by as much as a factor of 20. One way this happens is that it allows AI applications to be developed to remember conversational history.

Partners who suffer from the steep rise in the cost of OpenAI’s AI models particularly benefit. Especially if they themselves want to establish a sustainable business for developing and selling AI solutions.

Vision functionality

Other updates to be expected are vision capabilities, which will allow developers to build applications that allow analysis and description of images. Think of solutions for the entertainment or pharmaceutical industries, among others.

A vision API has already been available recently to end users of the paid versions of ChatGPT.

The new updates are likely to be announced at OpenAI’s first developer meeting in San Francisco in early November. OpenAI itself does not comment on the rumors.

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