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Android developers are getting new functionality in the Google Play store to better showcase and price their apps. The new features also provide opportunities for app quality and security improvements.

Google is giving Android developers many new functionalities. Android developers can now even better create and manage so-called Google Play “lists,” save these lists as drafts, schedule them for publication and share test lists with a portion of the target audience.

Perform pricing experiments

Another new development feature within Google Play is the ability to run pricing experiments. Developers can thus test different prices for their Android apps and optimize them locally.

Furthermore, it is possible to save these experimental prices in a draft and delete variants of pricing experiments if they do not work. Furthermore, developers can sign up for notifications about pricing configuration problems.

Payment methods and quality improvement

Developers can now present end users with different payment methods by using alternative payment method APIs, which are available in 35 different markets. This is an extension of the payment options Google offers itself within Google Play.

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In addition, new metrics are available for monitoring the quality of the apps offered. Among other things, for monitoring “bad behaviour” of Android apps. This allows developers to monitor vital data during a rollout, access three years of vital app performance data, and receive device-level metrics and alerts for poor app performance.

More security

Finally, Android developers get the Play Integrity API which should help prevent risky third-party behaviour in apps. For this, they will receive alerts if Play Protect is not turned off, get access to a new Play Integrity API report and get management capabilities for integrating the Play Integrity API into the Google Play SDK Console. In addition, standard Play Integrity API requests would now give up to ten times faster results.

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