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Google Play lets developers set their own deadline for verification

Google Play lets developers set their own deadline for verification

Google wants apps in its Play Store to meet the highest quality standards, and is now helping app developers do just that. One way it does this is by letting developers determine when deadlines for performing certain obligations occur. However, the store’s requirements are also being tightened in places.

Among other things, the tech giant wants to use the new rules to ensure that as few rogue apps appear in the Play Store as possible. Part of these measures include, for example, making privacy rules mandatory and a so-called DUNS number, a registration number consisting of nine digits that companies can use to identify themselves. Also, app makers must provide more information in contact information.

Set your own deadline

These measures normally require a long administrative process, so Google is now accommodating app developers a bit. App developers can now set their own deadline for when they meet these obligations.

Developers aren’t entirely free to choose a deadline. Google still determines when it will be set, but the earlier developers choose one, the more favourable it will be. The deadlines set by Google from which developers can choose come on a first come, first serve basis.

With this, the tech giant wants to ensure that app developers register as soon as possible so that they can get their desired deadline date. App developers who have not signed up by Feb. 29, 2024 will automatically be assigned a deadline.

Mandatory testing apps

In addition to being able to set its own deadlines, Google has nonetheless tightened the app requirements a bit again to raise the quality. App developers are now required to have the apps they want to submit to Google Play tested by a minimum of 20 users for two weeks.

According to the tech giant, this would also benefit the apps themselves, as apps that have been tested with Google’s tools are said to have up to three times more installs than apps that have not.

More research review teams

Furthermore, Google itself is also going to examine apps more closely by its global review teams. With this, the tech giant wants Google Play users to be assured that they can use the app store safely and securely.

Apps intended for children or requiring specific device settings may be delayed for availability within Google Play as a result, the tech giant warns.

Google Play continues to be constantly updated with new features to show end users that they can download reliable apps. Among other things, a specific sign for government apps will be added early next year.

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