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Developers can now publish extensions in the Marketplace and add Language Server Protocol (LSP) support to their extensions.

With VisualStudio.Extensibility, there is a framework for developing Visual Studio extensions that run outside the Microsoft IDE development environment. The SDK is designed to ensure performance and reliability. Microsoft provides a streamlined API to maximize developer productivity. Microsoft is currently working on further development of VisualStudio.Extensibility, but it is already available as a preview.

Marketplace and LSP

The latest release of the preview offers the long-awaited ability to publish extensions in the Visual Studio Marketplace. VisualStudio.Extensibility-based extensions in Visual Studio can now produce a standalone VSIX package. Developers can share this VSIX file locally so colleagues can install it or share it in the marketplace. Publishing on the marketplace, in particular, can open up new opportunities for developers. “With customer downloads in the millions, the Visual Studio Marketplace is the best place to share and find amazing Visual Studio extensions,” Microsoft said.

In addition, VisualStudio.Extensibility now can integrate LSP into extensions. Using this, software can activate a language server and perform various operations. Language server providers also support configuration properties, which can be used to determine which file types the language server applies to. Microsoft has published a sample that creates a language server provider for Rust and uses it to drive IntelliSense when opening Rust files.

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