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Fermyon Technologies has added SpinKube to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) as a Sandbox project. SpinKube is an open-source initiative that aims to simplify the development, deployment, and operation of WebAssembly workloads on Kubernetes. Sandbox projects serve as a starting point for work in its early stages, allowing for experimentation and possible future interoperability with other tech adopted by the CNCF.

SpinKube is a toolkit that simplifies the processes involved in developing, deploying, and operating applications. It is particularly suited to leveraging WebAssembly (Wasm) on Kubernetes. The integration streamlines operations and uses Wasm’s potential to optimize app performance and resource utilization.

Starting up faster and taking less space

It combines various open-source projects, including the Spin operator, containerd Spin shim, and the runtime class manager. By operating at the Wasm abstraction layer, SpinKube enables deploying serverless WebAssembly applications into Kubernetes, promising efficient resource utilization and cold start speeds under one millisecond.

SpinKube also reduces artifact sizes compared to container images, leading to faster startup times and minimal resource consumption during idle states. Put simply, SpinKube promises to make apps start up faster and take up less space. SpinKube is now available on GitHub.

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‘Growing the community around server-side WebAssembly’

Matt Butcher, CEO of Fermyon Technologies, emphasizes the transformative impact of this collaboration on app development. “CNCF is the ideal home for this project and we’re thrilled to partner with them to grow the community and ecosystem around server-side WebAssembly,” Fermyon argues that SpinKube significantly lowers the barrier to entry for leveraging Wasm on Kubernetes, paving the way for enhanced scalability and operational efficiency.

Fermyon announced SpinKube’s contribution to CNCF during KubeCon + CloudNativeCon 2024 in Paris, France, today. Earlier, the company introduced the Fermyon Platform for Kubernetes, which promises a 50-times increase in applications per node.

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