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Dutch Ciphix grows further via acquisition of Bizzomate

Dutch Ciphix grows further via acquisition of Bizzomate

By acquiring Bizzomate, Ciphix is attracting low-code experts to support companies more broadly in hyperautomation.

This is inspired by Ciphix’s previously established strategy to grow into a major European player in hyperautomation. Hyperautomation involves using RPA, AI, process mining, integration Platform as a Service, and low-code, to solve business issues. In May 2023, Mentha Capital stepped into Ciphix to help achieve growth. This was followed by the acquisition of low-code player Webflight and now the acquisition of Bizzomate.


Bizzomate was founded in Meerssen but now has offices in Valkenburg, Dordrecht, Amsterdam, and the German city of Aachen. The company specializes in the low-code platform Mendix, of which it is a platinum partner. Bizzomate employs more than 75 certified employees. They support companies in implementing low-code applications and have previously completed projects at Maastricht University, Mental Care Group, and MediReva.

According to Ciphix, this approach fits perfectly with its goals. Ciphix is primarily committed to helping organizations harness human potential through business process automation, which is done through an integrated approach to the aforementioned hyperautomation components. The acquisition creates a company with more than 170 employees.

Besides being able to better serve organizations, the companies see a good match in corporate culture. They both have a collaborative atmosphere and believe in paying attention to people. For Ciphix, the acquisition also means introducing new best practices in the field of social impact, on which Bizzomate has been working for years.

It is unknown how much Ciphix is paying for Bizzomate.