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Mendix and Atos are expanding their collaboration. The new partnership focuses on hyperautomation and low-code applications.

The move builds on an existing collaboration between Siemens — Mendix’s parent company — and Atos. Atos will receive a license to start selling the Mendix Low-code platform in several regions, including EMEA, APAC, NA and South America. The agreement will be extended to new countries at a later stage.


Atos hopes to convince organizations to achieve hyperautomation through Mendix’s low-code tech. Hyperautomation entails both digital transition and process automation.

Mendix’s platform allows organizations to get started without heavily investing in technical capacity and expertise. The low-code platform easily integrates with existing components and requires no adjustments to underlying infrastructure. This allows companies to more effectively use existing hardware and software environments.

CO2 reductions

Atos further expects that low-code can help companies reduce CO2 emissions. The integrator is currently building Mendix-based apps for real-time monitoring, tracking and reporting of energy consumption and CO2 emissions at 1,800 locations worldwide.

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