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Genie is the new AI that quickly builds autonomous agents

Genie is the new AI that quickly builds autonomous agents

Maker Valory claims Genie can accelerate the development of autonomous agents by a factor of ten. An agent could be built within minutes.

Genie was initially created for the Olas ecosystem. Olas is a platform from Valory, the company that uses AI and blockchain to open-source user-owned autonomous agents. From this philosophy, the Olas platform has already helped build several AI agents, completing more than 900,000 transactions together.

Valory’s new application uses natural language processing to capture design specifications. It then generates fully functional autonomous AI agent code that can be deployed on Olas.


Genie’s interface allows users to define their agent. Genie translates these descriptions into a technical roadmap, also called a Finite State Machine specification, which outlines the structure of the agent architecture. The roadmap becomes the basis for AI-generated code that forms the skeleton of the new agent. Users can then refine and approve this foundation to match their vision. In addition, users can design specific components for agents within Genie to match their own logic.

Multiple LLMs are used in a collaborative multi-agent system. This should produce the right result at each stage of the development process. Feedback should allow continuous optimization during agent creation. Combining multiple specialized agents, the result should be a robust and reliable custom agent.

Although Genie is initially focused on Olas, other ecosystems will be supported later. For now, Genie’s availability is very limited. Interested parties must sign up for a waiting list.

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