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Google celebrates the tenth anniversary of browser Chrome by launching a new version. This includes not only support for the notch of smartphones, but also other small updates. This includes new types of code that are supported and visual changes.

The new version of Chrome includes a number of visual tweaks to improve the user experience. Chrome embraces round shapes, new icons and a new colour palette. According to Google, these are aimed at increasing your productivity.

Main changes

For example, developer Pete LePage says that Chrome now has a slightly different tab design. We’ve changed the shape of our tabs to make website icons easier to see, making it easier to navigate through a lot of tabs. On the mobile side, Google has also made changes that should help you to browse faster.

For example, the menus, notifications and URLs in the address bar have been streamlined, so the browsing experience is faster. As more and more phones are marked with a notch, Google has released support for this as well. As for Chrome’s code, CSS SCroll Snap has now been implemented, allowing designers to build a smooth scrolling experience.

A short history

The first version of Google Chrome was released on September 2, 2008. At that time, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer was by far the largest and Firefox was the number two with a market share of 26 percent. Because Chrome was quite fast and functioned well, the browser quickly gained in popularity. In 2013, Internet Explorer was outpaced and in January 2015, Chrome already had more than half of the world market in its hands.

Meanwhile, Internet Explorer has a market share of only seven percent. Chrome has a share of 68 percent and Firefox 11 percent. This makes Google Chrome by far the largest browser there is, so there is also plenty to celebrate today.

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