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Microsoft adds AI capabilities to Visual Studios 2019

Microsoft adds AI capabilities to Visual Studios 2019

Developers can already use the new version of Microsoft’s Visual Studio. The integrated development environment for creating software, applications, websites and other services is equipped with artificial intelligence to increase productivity.

Microsoft announced the update last Tuesday at the Connect(); developer conference. The preview version of Visual Studio 2019 features a host of new features aimed at increasing productivity and simplifying collaboration.

Improve productivity

Improved productivity stems from the improvements that Microsoft adds to the Visual Studios IntelliCode suite. This is an experimental set of possibilities built around artificial intelligence, which should help developers to work faster. Visual Studios 2019 introduces, among other things, the custom models, which according to Microsoft are designed to improve the capabilities of IntelliSense. That is a code completion tool, which helps developers to combined with the IntelliCode functionality to write parts of their code automatically.

The idea behind the custom models is that developers receive personal suggestions during the coding process. These suggestions are based on the patterns and libraries in the code, and should thus increase productivity. IntelliCode works with C#, JavaScript, TypeScript, Python and Java.

Improving cooperation

Microsoft is also introducing new features to improve collaboration. Microsoft is introducing new possibilities within Visual Studio Live Share. This is a service that allows developers to share their entire development environment with others. The new feature includes desktop app sharing, source control diffs and code commenting. The preview of Visual Studio 2019 is already available.

Microsoft also provides updates for other development apps. Consider two new versions of the .NET Core platform, which aims to develop cloud applications. Furthermore, an update of ML.NET 0.8 has been released.

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