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Google took over the Waze app in the course of 2013. It was $1.1 billion for that at the time. It was expected that the functions of the app concerning speed limits and speed cameras would be available on Google Maps in the short term. But after five and a half years of waiting, this position is only now available.

This is confirmed by Google opposite the ZDNet site. In the Folders app, the speed limit will be displayed in one of the corners. In addition, an icon will appear in the app showing where a speed camera is located. For the time being, this function is not available in all countries where Google Maps is available.

Speed cameras and speed limits

In contrast to ZDNet, Google argues that the safety camera function will initially come to Australia. At a later stage, the company rolls out the position to Brazil, Canada, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States. The speed limits initially come to the United Kingdom, the United States and Denmark.

Incidentally, the new features of Google Maps were initially discovered by Android Police. Last July Google seemed to be testing them in San Francisco and Rio de Janeiro in a limited trial. But last Thursday it became clear that the new features were slowly becoming more widely available and Google Maps users in Los Angeles, Minnesota and New York, among others, reported that they found the features in their app.

As a result, Google Maps is becoming increasingly sophisticated and the app has more to offer compared to TomTom and other route planners. Google Maps now also has live traffic information and offers alternative routes in case of delays or expected traffic jams. Android users will also receive updates about delays or disruptions on their route. In addition, Maps already offers the possibility to plan routes via public transport.

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