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Ericsson expands its IoT portfolio with new services

Ericsson expands its IoT portfolio with new services

Ericsson expands its offer around the Internet of Things (IoT). These are new solutions in four different IoT segments in both 4G and 5G networks. The underlying idea is that they help in different cases of use, from automotive to manufacturing.

As part of its IoT portfolio, Ericsson has added new services to its Massive IoT and Critical IoT segments. In addition, two new segments have been added to the IoT portfolio: Broadband IoT and Industrial Automation IoT. In doing so, the company is expanding its offering even further, having previously announced new AI services for providers wishing to roll out IOT and 5G networks.

Mobile broadband

Ericsson announces that Broadband IoT is focused on the adoption of IoT’s mobile broadband capabilities. The service supports more data and offers fewer delays than Massive IoT. Industrial Automation IoT enables advanced industrial automation applications with extremely demanding connectivity requirements.

Massive IoT must offer products for smart metering and asset tracking. One of the new solutions is Ericsson’s ability to cover distances of up to one hundred kilometres with its narrowband IoT network. This opens up great opportunities for IoT connectivity in rural and remote areas, especially when it comes to logistics, agriculture and the environment, says Ericsson.

In the new Broadband IoT segment, the network giant continues to launch products including RAN slicing, 2Gbps LTE with 10ms latency, drone detection and link control, as well as Advanced Subscriber Group Handling. According to Ericsson, these solutions are particularly suitable for automotive, drones, AR/VR, wearables, smart utilities and smart manufacturing industries. Finally, Critical IoT focuses on autonomous vehicles and Industrial Automation IoT on robots in factories and assembly lines.

The new products have been launched to respond to the growing IoT market. Ericsson states that the number of IoT connections will grow to 4.1 billion by 2024. Of the 4.1 billion mobile IoT connections, we expect 2.7 billion in Northeast Asia – a figure that reflects our ambitions and the size of the mobile network in this region, according to Ericsson in his recent Mobility Report.

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