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Mendix made the ‘Spring 2019’ update of its low code development platform available today. This allows users to roll out applications directly to SAP HANA and take full advantage of its analysis capabilities and excellent performance.

The integration with SAP HANA is advantageous because the database is optimized for “high volume, high ingestion” workloads, which are increasingly common in IoT applications.

For example, SAP HANA offers highly scalable in-memory analytics to deliver faster insights based on the data the database processes. These insights are presented in real time via the SAP HANA Data Management Suite.

In addition, SAP HANA provides resource-sharing controls for applications hosted on public cloud infrastructure, allowing companies to deploy multiple Mendix-based apps in different clouds.

Finally, the integration opens the door to SAP’s broader application ecosystem, allowing developers to build more complex applications via Mendix to solve their business problems.


Mendix, originally from the Netherlands, is not the only player in the market for low code application development, but it does stand out precisely because of its focus on IoT-apps. This is also one of the reasons why Siemens AG put 600 million euros on the table last year to get its hands on the platform.

Siemens wanted to combine Mendix’s tools with its own MindSphere platform, an IOT operating system to connect factories and machines to data centres and to analyse data from these production systems. This integration was also announced as part of the ‘Spring 2019’ update.

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