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Google wants to support new Edge browser

Google wants to support new Edge browser

Google has no problem with providing Microsoft’s Edge browser on Chromium with the necessary support. That’s what the company itself says.

Google and Microsoft are not always the best friends. When it turned out that Google’s chat application Meet didn’t work on the trial version of Chromium Edge, the understandable fear arose that Google would prevent its services from Microsoft’s new browser. Currently, Google can easily restrict its services on Edge by claiming that the underlying technology is not compatible, but that argument no longer applies to Microsoft’s latest edition of the standard Windowsbrowser.

After all, Microsoft is switching to Chromium as the underlying technology, which should in principle ensure compatibility with the Google ecosystem. The fact that Meet didn’t work on the test version of Chromium Edge was disturbing.


Google now informs The Verge that Meet uses a whitelist. Only specifically approved browsers are therefore compatible. Edge is not a test version for the time being, but Google says it does plan to have full browser support for an official launch. We see the great embrace of Chromium and WebRTC as a good thing for the entire Unified Communications sector, Google adds.

For the time being it seems that Edge will soon be combining the best of both worlds. At least that was our feeling after a short test. On the other hand, Google rolls the muscles a bit passively aggressively. It shows that it closely controls access to its ecosystem. If Microsoft does something with Edge in the future that Google doesn’t like, it can quickly claim, through sophism, that it should reduce compatibility with certain services.

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