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Celonis adds new innovations to the Intelligent Business Cloud

Celonis adds new innovations to the Intelligent Business Cloud

Celonis has expanded its Intelligent Business Cloud with several key product innovations, gathered under Performance Accelerators. Performance Accelerators consists of four components: the Action Engine, Workflows, Machine Learning Workbench and Open Application Framework.

Performance Accelerators is now in a beta version. The concept brings together advanced technologies in ready-to-use applications that focus on achieving specific business results. The combination of process mining insights and the implementation of the four aforementioned components gives organisations access to a fully operational, intelligent application.

Celonis’ new Action Engine should identify the best next action to take to prevent bottlenecks in business processes. The actions are aimed at people within the organisation who can immediately implement changes. The skills in the Action Engine are developed by organizations based on business rules or machine learning algorithms. The solution then comes with specific recommendations to solve process problems before they occur.

Action Engine is already available and in use by a number of Celonis customers.

Workflows Engine

Workflows Engine is now available as a beta. This feature creates a flow between source systems and actions to be taken, regardless of the target system. The workflow allows users to organize process steps and link process flows between systems.

Celonis has added source system templates – such as SAP, Oracle and Jira – to Workflows to automate common workflows. The option is integrated in the Action Engine to maximize the action flow between systems.

Also new is the Machine Learning Workbench, which is also in beta. Developed specifically with Jupyter notebooks, the Machine Learning Workbench allows users to take advantage of Python’s powerful techniques and predictive models, which are directly integrated into the Celonis platform.

Open Application Framework

Finally, there is the Open Application Framework, which brings together all the possibilities and enables organizations to develop personalized, customizable, intelligent and operational applications. This allows customers to carry out even more specific and tailor-made analyses.

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