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IBM adds artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to its Db2 relational database management system. This gives the 36 year old software an update to bring it to today’s data-driven world.

Db2 is the sixth most popular database in the world, writes Silicon Angle. This means that it is a frequently used relational engine in large enterprises. The platform is available in three versions: Db2, Db2 Standard and Db2 Advanced. DB2 is free to download and use and is intended for testing prototype applications. Standard and Advanced have to be paid for. Standard is for medium-sized companies with apps in production, Advanced is for large companies and has no limitations.

Modern applications

The new update should enable users to create more modern applications that can generate better insights from the data they produce, according to IBM.

Db2 now supports data science development through a series of drivers that add support for various open source programming languages and frameworks. Developers can easily build and analyze machine learning models for DB2 built apps. Apps must be more stubborn, require less management and improve productivity.

Db2 now supports the programming languages Go, Ruby, Python, PHP, Java, Node.js and Sequelize. It also supports frameworks such as Jupyter notebook and Visual Studio Code.

Augmented Data Explorer

Also new is the Augmented Data Explorer. This is a natural-language querying tool that allows developers to question their data with their natural voice. The answers are displayed in the form of visualizations. The idea is to offer developers an experience similar to that of a traditional search engine.

Db2 will also have access to the Data Virtualization technology in IBM’s Cloud Private for Data service. This allows users to search for data from more diverse sources, according to the company. As a result, less time is spent on the collection, transformation and loading processes that were previously needed to gain access to the data.

There is also support for blockchains, as well as a widely used SQL engine that allows Db2 to access data from other IBM platforms.

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