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Google is currently working on Chrome 76 and has just made a beta available. After the great announcement of Dark Mode in Chrome 73 and 74, 75 contained few new features. Chrome 76 promises important novelties for publishers who use a payment wall.

As of Chrome beta 76, websites can no longer detect when your incognito is surfing. This seems harmless, except for publishers who show a number of articles from their website for free and then present a payment wall.

Previously, incognito surfing was recognizable and publishers could anticipate this by directing readers towards a payment wall. With the new beta, this is no longer possible and you can continue to read articles incognito perfectly free of charge without your counter being reset to zero. If that does happen, you can close the incognito and open it again to reset the counter.

Flash & Dark Mode

Besides the detection of incognito, Chrome now offers the possibility to block Flash completely. The plug-in will not be worn to the deathbed until 2020, but Google is now going a step further. Today, it blocks individual Flash items by default. In the beta you can surf to chrome://settings/content/flash and disable Ask First.

Finally, web developers can now install a piece of code to automatically display a dark version of their website when the user’s browser is in Dark Mode. The only requirement is that you have a dark theme available for your website, otherwise the function is of little use.

The beta version of Chrome 76 is available as of today and contains a lot of minor modifications. You can download the beta here. On July 30, Google will roll out the stable version of Chrome 76 to all Chrome users worldwide.

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