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Azure Functions 2.0 now supports the Python 3.6 programming language. The support for Python on Microsoft’s serverless service was announced in a blog post.

AWS, a competitor of Microsoft, already had support for Python in Lambda Functions. Now the programming language can also be used for Azure Functions. Functions can be published as code or as Docker containers to a Linux-based serverless platform in Azure.

The programming model of Azure Functions is based on event triggers (e.g. sending a file) and data binding (synchronizing data between the user and provider). According to The Register, Microsoft likes to see developers use Python to process data via bindings. Another option is to respond to alerts or activity in Azure by automating cloud resources.

Features for developers

Azure Functions Core Tools will further allow developers to encode with an editor of their choice. In that case, Microsoft would like to see the Azure Pipelines integration from Azure DevOps used. Microsoft indicates that Python is a good programming language for data science and machine learning. In the blog post it gives suggestions for the use of Python, including the creation of an application for inference.

Furthermore, building and debugging applications can be done locally, while deploying and managing the applications in the cloud. Azure Functions Core Tools adds some extra functionality for developers. With these tools, templates can be created, tested locally and then published immediately. An extension to Visual Studio Code provides integrated editing for building, adding and rolling out apps.

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