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Amazon Common Software for Devices (ACS) should make it easier to integrate Amazon Software Development Kits (SDK) on developers’ devices.

Currently, the software is already running on devices such as the Echo Dot smart speaker and the Amazon Smart Oven. Amazon Common Software improves the implementation of features such as authentication, connectivity and networking, said Amazon Senior Product Manager Akashvir Mann about the solution.

A big advantage of ACS is that it offers pre-verified, memory optimised components for those functions (authentication, connectivity and networking). The solution also offers test sequences for software debugging.

ACS should help developers to save time as they normally need to run the API of an Amazon SDK, also called integration layer, for common functions such as managing WiFi. The problem with that is that API integration layers vary from one SDK to another, which means that anyone who uses multiple Amazon SDKs should run separate development and testing for each SDK.

So ACS allows developers to use a single API integration layer for Amazon SDKs, the company states. However, ACS currently only supports two of the company’s SDKs, namely the AWS IoT Device SDK and the Frustration-Free Setup SDK. Support for the Alexa Voice Service Device SDK should be added later in the year.